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Graduation Photographer in McCalla, AL

I said I was going to post more about this couple and never did... so here we go!

I am not one for cliches, but you know that little saying about how the magic happens outside your comfort zone. This was exactly that!

A few months ago Shun contacted me to shoot some pictures of her and her husband for a graduation/ couples shoot. My initial reaction was eehh, I'm not really interested, but why not. I am mainly a baby and children's photographer and well, couples shoots just aren't really my thing! Before I had a chance to reply she called me and was just SOOOO sweet! She told me her original photographer had cancelled on her :-/ and she was needing someone quickly to get her grad pictures done. So, I said yes!

Turns out she, her husband and brother are just the nicest people ever and we literally had SO MUCH FUN shooting their pictures!!! We just laughed and had the best time.

When Shun and her husband asked me come take pictures at her graduation party I had to say yes!!

and of course the party, just a few of many!


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